Since 1976, Ondalight manufactures lamps and other products for the most different projects and concepts, responding to highly demanding requests.

We work always having
in mind the market’s
new tendencies.

We are proud to be even more demanding than our Customers. Responsibility, flexibility, quality and precision are present in every stage of our work. We apply evaluation and quality standards that help us improve more every day.


It all starts at the Customer. The Customer imagines and proposes its project for us to give it shape. Ondalight offers a solution, always based on the customer’s goal and on the product itself.

Production Quantities

Ondalight can produce, depending on the type of project, smaller or bigger series of lighting articles.


The product’s development is made in constant communication with the Customer, so that everything is thought ahead, whether it is functional, aesthetic, or financial wise.


Ondalight has always had trustworthy and reliable suppliers that assure the best raw material for the requested projects. Every day, we aim to be better and more effective.


Here we comply with all the laws that concern the waste management and we value a sustainable development and production.


Our workers are aware of all safety rules and Ondalight supplies all safety material and training regarding their safety.


Goal: Excellence

Founded in 1976, then with the name Jorge, Pontes, Monteiro & Ca. SA, in 2013, following the high internationalizing tendency of the company, it was restructured and changed to Ondalight.
As decorative lighting manufacturer and also other products for different areas, our production is based on years of expertise and deep knowledge on the materials we use — Brass, Copper, Steel, Glass, Cork and Wood.
With a plant with over 3500m2, Ondalight has the skills to reply to highest standards of quality and precision.
Our corporative culture values excellence in the services we provide to the most different types of Customer, Wholesalers, Hotels, Architects or Decorators, focusing always on quality, aesthetics and competitive prices.
We like to engage on long-lasting and reliable commercial relationships.


To give shape to any lighting or decorative project, honoring the demands and aims of the Customer, with the same passion and precision that always have characterized us.


Benchmark manufacturer, with such flexibility that we can develop both traditional and contemporary projects, using any kind of raw material that is proposed to us.


We are reliable partners; we honor our commitment with the Customer, giving the maximum of precision and technique to everything we do.